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Computer Training

Become computer literate or build on the skills you have. We have courses ranging from Introduction to computers to Advanced computer networking covering Cisco Systems objectives. Be sure to visit our courses page for more details. Please note that prices are in US Dollars

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Website Development

For a large number of successful businesses, a website is their primary, or only, source of revenue, relied upon to attract visitors who will become repeat customers.  We will handle all the details while developing your website, making it stress free for you

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Digital Marketing

Make them hear you! Stop worrying if you are using the right ad tool. We connect to all your customer touch points. We manage and learn what works best for your brand.

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About Us

Here is what we are all about.
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Cardicom opened it's doors in 1994 offering computer training at the introductory level to both primary and high school students.   We offered a three year Saturday program for major primary schools and a two year ICT  (CXC) course for High schools within Belize City.

A couple years later we started offering training to adults with the introduction of our Adult Comprehensive Course.  As the schools became equipped with their own labs, we decided to focus more on Professional Development for the working class.  As a result, all the courses currently offered are tailored to suit the professional needs of numerous business employees and tertiary  level students.

To date we have provided computer training to over fifty thousand Belizeans from throughout the country ranging from our first primary school student Jarrid Thompson, who is now over 31, to the former Governor General of Belize Dr. Dame Minita Gordon.

At Cardicom we strive to offer our students the most comfortable environment to learn in as well as up to date information in our wide range of available courses. We intend to keep working cooperatively with our students in mind, applying patience and diligence in order for them to achieve the best quality education possible.

Cardicom, Your gateway to a brighter future.